whimsy way of life

I love animals.  But add a little whimsy to the animals we create through art and they become approachable even when they are terrifying in real life.  They become cuddle-able even when, in real life, they can go from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds to catch their prey.  They become entertaining when, in real life, they are not to be messed with.

And those animals which in real life are indeed approachable, cuddle-able, and entertaining?  When they’re whimsical, they are even more so, only you don’t have to feed them, wash them, bury them, flush them or tell your toddler to put it down!

Whimsical is my approach to crochet and crafts in general, unless I’m making the most serious afghan, scarf, or poncho.  I want fashionable accessories for my home, and usually they are not whimsical … usually.

This blog is a place where I’ll share my projects, resources, patterns, and ideas.  I invite a dialogue with others who are like minded and who can envision the whimsical in every day life.


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