Owl always love owls

Smooshy owl

I’m not sure when I became obsessed with owls. Maybe it was Owl from Winnie the Pooh who convinced me that owls were intelligent and cool. A concept which a younger version of me would have been aching to achieve. I was always kind of a plain Jane, but also at the top of the class. So maybe my obsession began as I channeled my inner Milne Owl as a child.

Regardless of how the owl obsession began, there is no end in sight. I love owls. I love watching videos of owls on YouTube. I love hearing the Great Horned Owl softly hooting in the trees out back at night. Yes, oh Mighty Great Horned Owl, please consume any mice or other rodents you can find. I surely don’t want them in my house.

In the past month, I’ve made about a dozen owls of all shapes and sizes. The smooshie owls are made from soft bulky yarn and are able to fit into an adult’s hand. The round owl pillows have always been my favorite. The shelf sitting owls, which are a larger version of the smooshie owls (except the fiber they’re made from varies), are also like an blank artist’s canvas to me. What can I add? What colors do I use?

Orchid shelf sitting spotted owl
The spots. 🙂

Visit my “creations” link to view all the items in my online Square shop. I’ll be adding this one soon.

In the meantime, “owl” see you later!


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