Hello Crochet Month!

March is National Crochet Month! My friends and family would say something like, “Kim, every month is crochet month for you!” And they would not be lying. But since March is National Crafting Month, it makes sense that crochet is rounded up under that big umbrella. What’s that you say? You don’t crochet but you knit or do macrame or paint or sew or draw or weave? That’s okay, we celebrate you too!

For the first day of 2021 crochet month, let me briefly introduce myself. I have been crocheting since I was a kid. My grandmother taught me one summer when I stayed with her in her rural home in central Pennsylvania, just north of Harrisburg.

She taught me a lot of things like how to play gin rummy and rummy and yahtzee and penny bingo, and how to listen to baseball games on the radio. She had yahtzee dice named Ron Jaworski because she loved the Philadelphia Eagles. She kept a clean house so I guess *that* particular skill didn’t stick as well as I would have liked. Grandma used to make doilies and granny square afghans.

Thanks to her, I’ve made miles of afghans, a half dozen or so sweaters and a lot of scarves and hats, but my favorite things to make are pillows and toys. I just love imagining the personality of something I make and the satisfaction of putting a face on an owl or a jellyfish or a peep. I love to make gifts for friends and families, but I also sell on an online platform and at festivals in my area. My typical fibers are acrylic and cotton yarn, and I love the yarn aisle at Hobby Lobby.

In addition to crochet, I also like to loom knit and paint.

Now that you know my background a bit I solemnly swear to crochet once a day every day during the month of March!

What is your crafting hobby and how will you recognize this month?

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