The pumpkin patch

The first day of Autumn is 2 days away! I have fall fever and have found that cork, cinnamon sticks and raffia make nice, rustic pumpkins! Here are a selection of pumpkins I’ve made recently.

Click this link for the Hooked on Whimsy pumpkin patch. If you like something you see below but don’t see it on etsy, it’s because they are not listed. Please email me at to place an order!

Pumpkins with cinnamon stick and cork stems, raffia and ribbons.
More pumpkins with surprise candy cane (candy cane pattern by 3amgracedesigns)
Golden ribbed crochet pumpkin with sparkling wine cork (yum) and satin leaves (from Amazon).
Knitting machine knitted pumpkin with cork stem and twine.
Whimsical shelf-sitting pumpkin.
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