It all started with circles

I’ve been crocheting for years, probably a good 45+ years. I started selling at festivals about 8 years ago and as I continue to create inventory for future (post-pandemic, I guess) festivals, I realize that the beloved circle is the geometric shape that got me started.

An early version of my owl pillow – mostly made from crocheted circles.

The original owls were made with two rectangular panels stitched together with separate eye, beak and feet pieces added. Rectangles take so long, and I decided to try circles. I realized that circles were simply more soothing to make: round after round after round. It got to the point I could make circles literally in my sleep! 🙂 At this point, the circular owl pillow was born and has been improving ever since the first ones.

Another original owl pattern.
Geometric assortment of crocheted owls, but mostly circles exist in this image.

Circles make up most of the big, stuffed things I make, but I also love making the little things out of crocheted circles.

Snowman head magnets. Circles.
Owl magnets – more circles. Circles are my geometric spirit shape. Owls are my spirit animal.
In my mathematical-challenged mind, the circle is very similar to the sphere and these pumpkins are in the general spirit shape family.
The many shapes of owls (and other critters).

Over the years, my owl design has improved. Every now and then I’ll make an original, more primitive version of the circular owl pillow, but I really like how they’ve evolved in appearance.

But one thing that seems to remain the same: circles, and lots of them.

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