Adding cinnamon sticks to pumpkins

I was asked by another crocheter how I got my cinnamon sticks to stay in my pumpkins. Here’s a step by step photo tutorial on how to do it plus bonus how to wrap the cinnamon stick with raffia ribbon so it stays put.

I’ve made a couple of pumpkins here which need to be finished.
I purchased a big bag of cinnamon sticks from the grocer. There are a variety of thicknesses and sizes in this bag.
Find a cinnamon stick which fits snugly into the stem opening.
Glue. I like this particular one. Put glue into the opening and along the bottom of the cinnamon stick. The glue will dry inside the pumpkin and attach the cinnamon stick to the polyfill inside.
After you insert your cinnamon stick to the desired height, add a bit of glue around the base to adhere to your raffia ribbon.
Select a length of raffia ribbon and fold in half.
This is where I begin wrapping around the cinnamon stick.
Wrap the ribbon around the stick in both directions.
Wrap until you have a desired length remaining to tie into a bow.
I like to push the wrapped ribbon down into that bead of glue I put at the base of the stick.
Start your knot.
Tie the knot where you want it.
Put a dab of glue where you will tie your bow.
et voilà – once the glue dries, the stick and raffia ribbon will stay in place.
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