The holidays really get me

The weather is getting a bit cooler and leaves crunch underfoot whenever we walk outside. Not to mention the leaves we track into the house no matter how many times we drag our shoes across the shoe cleaning and debris grabbing door mat. My vegetable garden is on its last legs with the last two cucumbers not quite ready to be picked.

When Fall arrives, pumpkins pop up everywhere!

My favorite season is definitely summer with the longer hours of daylight and warm welcome of the great outdoors curling its index finger at me, beckoning me to come out and play. But fall is the season that is luring us toward all the best holiday feels from the Jack O’Lanterns of Halloween to the overindulgent feast of Thanksgiving and finally to the warmth of Christmas and the ringing in of the new year. These holidays are filled with thoughts of friends and family, laughter, good times, and gratitude for the people in our lives.

I can’t wait for large fall festivals to return!

I also adore crocheting the season! I typically start in July with the making of pumpkins galore followed by other fun and whimsical Halloween decorations. Next I move onto snowmen and snowballs in between Christmas gifts. Christmas gifts vary – some years they consist of actually kitchen work like canning and baking, but mostly I like to make useful objects like pot holders and wash cloths and scarves and hats. Christmas gifts which are substantial tend to be started early in the year and worked on intermittently until they are hopefully finished by Christmas.

A look back to some Christmas gifts I’ve made. The Elsa Hat, along with the long flowing braid, was a popular request that year.

Another benefit of fall is football. The football game on the TV is great (or maybe not so great depending on the team you’re rooting for), but what’s even better is being able to crochet during the game! Nothing gets me in the mood to crochet for the holidays like football. And the games last all the way until Christmas, when there might just be a tree on my hook!

This tree pattern was in an old issue of Hooked on Crochet, and I’ve made several of them as gifts!

How do you feel about the holidays and what kinds of things do you make during this season? And if you are not as enthusiastic about the holidays and tend to get the blues this time of year, you might be interested in my blog post next week, in which I summarize some scientific studies about the benefits of crochet and knitting (and crafting in general) on mental health. So stay tuned!

Until then, xoxo.


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