Calm and crochet

Feeling blue?

Ready for the world to get back to some sort of recognizable normal?

Anxious about things out of your control?

Have you thought about taking up knitting and crocheting?

There has actually been scientific research which suggests knitting and crocheting increases happiness and provides therapeutic relief from depression and chronic pain, and helps to improve motor skills of patients with Parkinsons.

As recent as 2020, Burns and Van Der Meer published a study which included over 8,000 respondents who participated in surveys over a 6-week period of time to determine the relationship between knitting and crochet and well-being. Their study concludes with the statement that most respondents believe they experience an improvement in their well-being after crocheting.

Word cloud included in Burns and Ven Der Meer’s research, depicting common words used in free text responses.

Check it out for yourself – Google “crochet and well-being” or similar words, and read up on all the benefits of crochet And if you’re convinced, I challenge you to pick up a hook and experience for yourself the calming effects of crochet.


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