Custom orders for the holidays

Can you tell I like to crochet? I love to make batches of seasonal things along with the usual inventory I keep which consists of owls, jellyfish, octopi, and other odds and ends I put together as they strike my fancy. But I don’t know exactly what color a particular person prefers, or room colors, or sizes.

With all that being said, I put together the below photos of items I usually carry, and all you have to do is give me the details of how you want it. Please keep in mind if you are planning to give an item to a very small child or infant/baby, request stitched-on eyes. Plastic safety eyes are a choking hazard.

Current customization options:

Standard round owl pillow

Deluxe owl

Rectangular owl pillow


Little Octopus

Review the options below and then head over to this form to tell me what YOU want to see!

Hooked on Whimsy Customization Request form

Standard owl

The standard owl – front
The standard owl – back

The standard round owl is roughly 10″ across and 4 to 5″ wide (depth). The primary color (in this case a neutral beige with flecks) is featured on the back and on most of the front. A lighter neutral color is featured in a triangular shape from the beak to below the feet, expanding to the bottom.

You can choose a color of your choice for any of the colors of the owl above, and even specify dimensions! Changes to size and/or preferred fiber may result in changes to price. We will respond to your request with timeframe to complete and price of item after implementing desired changes.


A bloom of jellyfish

Jellyfish, the non-stinging kind, are fun to make! I use a primary color in the head and mix in other colors on the tentacles (along with the primary colors.) Tell me what you want!!

Deluxe Owl

Premium owl

Choose your main color and a contract to be added to the fuzzy ears!

Rectangle Owl

Rectangle owl

Rectangular owl in a primary color. Can add a contrasting color to fuzzy ears.

Little Octopus

Small octopus

Little octopus. Can do body in a main color and then variations in tentacles if desired. Can also stitch eyes vs. plastic eyes. Stitched eyes are safer for babies and small toddlers who might put into mouth.

If you want something else in my inventory made to your specifications, please send a detailed email to

Requests should be made no later than November 30th.

Thanks for stopping by and I look forward to hearing from you!

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